SavvyMoney Unveils SavvyImpact, Championing Inclusion and Community Impact

CU Pride becomes the first official organizational sponsor for the new initiative 

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Dublin, CA – May 29, 2024SavvyMoney, a leading provider of personalized financial management tools, today unveiled SavvyImpact, a comprehensive initiative designed to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture while driving positive change in the communities it serves.

Established in 2023, SavvyImpact is a dedicated space for SavvyMoney’s employees to come together based on shared experiences, backgrounds, and interests, creating support within the workplace. The initiative encompasses four key committees: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), Philanthropy, People and Culture, and Health and Wellness, each with its own focus areas and objectives.

“At SavvyMoney, we believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is required to gain perspective and appreciation for different ideas. SavvyImpact is our commitment to building an environment where everyone feels valued for their unique voice and perspective. This promotes innovation, creativity, and ultimately, a better product and service for our customers.” said JB Orecchia, President and CEO, SavvyMoney.

SavvyImpact in Action

SavvyImpact has achieved several notable milestones:

  • Launching monthly “Who We Are All-Hands Sessions” focused on celebrating diversity and promoting education, where employees share traditions, holidays and values.
  • Organizing successful health and wellness initiatives such as quarterly step challenges, with the most recent challenge in Q1 resulting in the team burning 12.2 million calories.
  • Facilitating volunteer events with organizations like Kids Against Hunger. The last two All-Hands weeks kicked off with packing nearly 24,000 meals for children in need overseas.

As part of its continuing efforts, SavvyImpact has formed its first official organizational partnership with CU Pride. It is dedicated to ensuring the LGBTQ+ community remains prominently represented and embraced within credit unions’ inclusion and belonging practices. Through this partnership, SavvyMoney will support CU Pride financially and elevate awareness of its resources and initiatives within the SavvyMoney workforce and among credit union partners.

“CU Pride’s mission is to ensure the LGBTQ+ community remains visible and top of mind when credit union organizations are building out inclusion and belonging practices,” shared Zach Christensen, executive director of CU Pride and director at Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates. “We are thrilled to have SavvyMoney come in not just as a member but truly put words into action in sharing the purpose, mission and resources of CU Pride with the SavvyMoney team, including the executives. We are looking forward to partnering even more in the future.”

“SavvyImpact embodies our commitment to creating a workplace that’s truly inclusive and impactful,” said Vickie Moul, Head of People at SavvyMoney. “By fostering a culture of belonging and celebrating our differences, we gain a deeper understanding of the diverse communities we serve, allowing us to support them better.”

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