JB Orecchia

President & CEO

JB Orecchia is the President and CEO of SavvyMoney. Since 2011, JB and his team have built SavvyMoney into an industry-leading credit and lending tool that today integrates with 35 digital banking platforms and supports over 1,000 financial institutions with their goal of providing financial education and personalized lending. JB has more than 34 years of experience in consumer finance, fintech and interactive media. He started his finance career in 1988 with 10 years in various senior roles at Household International in lending and marketing. In 1998, he saw an opportunity to make credit reports accessible over the internet and joined the original senior team at FreeCreditReport.com/Experian Consumer Direct. As EVP of Partnership Marketing, he led the team responsible for business development and online marketing of the direct-to-consumer credit report and score product for 10 years. To expand on his digital marketing experience post-Experian and pre-SavvyMoney, JB had the opportunity to be Vice President of Marketing for Disney Online, where he directed online marketing, CRM, research and analytics initiatives.