Employee Privacy Policy


Last Updated: July 14, 2023



In this age of the internet, where privacy has become an increasing concern, we take your privacy very seriously. The privacy and security of your personal data (“Personal Information”)  that we collect from you is important to us. It is equally important that you understand how we handle this data. The Company will not knowingly collect or use Personal Information in any manner not consistent with this policy, as it may be amended from time to time, and applicable laws. 

Collection of Information 

While conducting our business and complying with federal, state, and local government regulations governing such matters as employment, tax, and insurance, we must collect  Personal Information from you. The nature of the information collected varies somewhat for each employee, depending on your employment responsibilities, the location of the facility, and other factors. We collect Personal Information from you solely for business purposes, including those related directly to your employment with the Company and those required by governmental agencies. 

Use of the Information Collected 

The primary purposes for collection, storage, and/or use of your Personal Information include,  but are not limited to:

  • Human Resources Management. We collect, store, analyze and share (internally)  Personal Information to attract, retain and motivate a highly qualified workforce. This includes recruiting, compensation planning, succession planning, reorganization needs,  performance assessment, training, employee benefits administration, compliance with any applicable legal requirements, and communication with employees and/or their representatives.
  • Business Processes and Management. Personal Information is used to run our business operations, including, for example, scheduling work assignments, managing Company assets, reporting and/or releasing public data (e.g., annual reports), and populating employee directories. Information may also be used to comply with government regulations.
  • Safety and Security Management. We use such Personal Information as appropriate to ensure the safety and protection of employees, assets, resources, and communities. • Communication and Identification. We use your Personal Information to identify you and to communicate with you.

Limited Disclosure 

The Company acts to protect your Personal Information and ensure that unauthorized individuals do not have access to such information by using security measures to protect  Personal Information. We will not knowingly disclose, sell, or otherwise distribute your  Personal Information to any third party without your knowledge and, where appropriate, your express written permission, except where disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with the law.

Security of Personal Information 

We employ and maintain reasonable security measures, procedures, practices, and technologies, such as password protection, encryption, and physical locks, to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information and to protect it from unauthorized access,  destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. Only authorized employees have access to  Personal Information. If you are an employee with such authorization, it is imperative that you take the appropriate safeguards to protect such information. Paper and other hard copies containing Personal Information (or any other confidential information) should be secured in a locked location when not in use. Computers and other access points should be secured when not in use by logging out or locking them. Passwords and user IDs should be guarded and not shared. When no longer necessary for business purposes, paper and hard copies should be immediately destroyed using paper shredders or similar devices. Do not leave copies in unsecured locations waiting to be shredded or otherwise destroyed. Do not make or distribute unauthorized copies of documents or other tangible mediums containing  Personal Information. Electronic files containing Personal Information should only be stored on secure computers and not copied or otherwise shared with unauthorized individuals within or outside the Company. 

The Company will make reasonable efforts to secure Personal Information stored or transmitted electronically from hackers or other persons who are not authorized to access such information. The Company will also:

  • Dispose of Personal Information;
  • Notify individuals of any breach of system security or any other unauthorized  acquisition of Personal Information; and
  • Take any other necessary action relating to Personal Information.
  • Any violation or potential violation of this policy should be reported to your immediate supervisor, designated manager, or Head of People. The failure of any employee to follow these privacy policies may result in discipline up to and including the discharge of the employee.

Any questions or suggestions regarding this policy may also be directed to your immediate supervisor, designated manager, or Head of People.