World Class Security

Security Infrastructure

Our infrastructure incorporates world-class security and technology providers to protect your information.


We use 128-bit SSL encryption for communication; the same used by leading financial institutions.

Physical Hosting

Best-in-class, multiple-level security in Amazon’s EC2 hosting platform.

Security Standards

We employ industry standard security for website access, data back-ups and audits.

Secure AccountLink Technology

We have partnered with technology provider, a leading financial services technology provider, to retrieve your financial data for AccountLink. Your bank login information used to retrieve this information is not stored on our servers.

Our AccountLink service is built on the same secure platform used by leading banks like Bank of America and American Express.

SavvyMoney Pro and technology provider security & privacy scheme

Security Practices

Our security practices provide you with a secure website experience and safe-guard your personal and financial data.

Minimal Data Storage

We do not store your financial credentials or bank login information. This information is stored at technology provider’s secure data servers. Only non-personally identifiable information is returned to SavvyMoney Pro.

Secure Account Access

We store passwords using industry standard encoding schemes that prevent anyone, including SavvyMoney Pro employees, from knowing your password or having any access to your financial information.

Manual Accounts

Some people are hesitant to enter financial data online. These people can use SavvyMoney Pro manually, without account names, numbers or other sensitive information.

If you have questions about our website or our Security Policies please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it