Sumit Guha

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Sumit has been at the forefront of innovation for 30 years specializing in building agile, high performance, product development teams. He has built some of the most recognizable, best-in-class web destinations such as EA.com. Marriott.com, and WestMarine.com, and web products such as Zuora (recurring billing and payments), DemandTec (Predictive Analytics), and Capsilon (Mortgage Automation). Prior to joining SavvyMoney, Sumit held executive positions at Capsilon, Duetto, DemandTec and Zuora, served as CTO at IBM’s Software Group, and spent 14+ years at Accenture driving much of its web technology vision. Sumit earned a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree from Imperial College, University of London.