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Americans like to drink and shop

According to a new study, Americans can’t stop shopping while drinking. The report found that about 26 percent of all adult Americans have purchased items while under the influence of alcohol. The total spent on drunk shopping? About $39 billion.

CNBC reports the survey of 2,100 American adults revealed that the shopping and drinking trend is only increasing. That $39 billion spent on intoxicated purchases in 2018 is an increase of almost $9 billion from 2017. The average person now spends about $736 per year on drunk shopping. Young people spent the most on drunk shopping at an average of $1,047 per year. Gen Xers spent an average of $469 and and Baby Boomers weren’t far behind, shelling out $466 per year on tipsy purchases. What are people buying while they’re intoxicated? Largely food. About 52 percent of people bought food while under the influence, 43 percent bought shoes or clothes and 30 percent bought cigarettes.

If you’re one of those people who tends to drink and shop, try to make the process a bit more difficult. If you have credit cards stored in your computer, delete them. That way next time you go to purchase something while drinking, you’ll have to get up, get your purse/wallet and input the info. There’s a chance this will make you think twice before making a purchase. You can also adopt a “sit on it” policy for any purchase made while drinking. Feel free to place the items in your online cart, but they must stay there for 24 hours before you go through with the buying process. The key to stopping this sort of shopping is to put barriers in place. Every obstacle could possibly end up saving you some regretful purchases — and some cash.

Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea