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Apps for Affordable Airfare

Some of the best apps for finding affordable airfare

You might have noticed this, but flying is expensive. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’s Airline Origin and Destination Survey, the average national airfare for a domestic flight is $352.06. That’s quite a bit of cash. Thankfully, as airline fees rise, so do ways to combat them. Here are some of the best sites/apps for finding cheap airfare.

  • Kiwi. If you want to get away, but aren’t sure where you want to go, try Kiwi. This free app searches more than 700 airlines to piece together itineraries. It can also search for the cheapest flights from one airport, which helps when you’re trying to be spontaneous.
  • Priceline. One of Priceline’s best money-saving features is its Express Deals. As US News reports, you can save an average of 50 percent off airfare using this function. The caveat? You book with approximate departure and arrival times. You only see the exact times after you pay. However, if you don’t mind traveling at odd times, you can save plenty.
  • Skyskanner. The best way to save using Skyscanner is to go through its airport-centric itinerary. This function allows you to quickly sort through the cheapest flights from your airport, saving you time and yes… Money.
  • Hopper. Hopper crunches data to find the cheapest days/times to book your flight, then shoots you a reminder to book it. All you have to do is input the flights you’re looking into, then allow Hopper to do the rest. Hopper claims that users save about 40 percent off airfares.
  • Chris O'Shea

    Chris O'Shea