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Summer Drop

What to know about the end of the extra unemployment boost

The $600-per-week unemployment boost that many Americans depended on during the pandemic came to an end July 31. That means come August, many people are going to be struggling if no additional stimulus bill gets passed. Here’s everything you need to know about the end of the boost payments and (possible) hope for the future.

Why Now?

The $600-per-week payment was always designed to expire on July 31. What wasn’t expected was a continuation in the surge in coronavirus cases. The surge has created additional strain on the economy.

What’s Next

Once the boost payments end on July 31, Americans will see a big drop off in relief. There is momentum building in Congress for a new round of stimulus payments. However, as US News reports, even when a new bill is passed, it will take weeks for it to be implemented. The Federal Government and States will need to integrate the new payment options and then execute them. That means at least a few added weeks of struggling for many Americans.

Other Options

Here are some alternative options for Americans who depended on the $600 payment boost:

  • SNAP. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program can provide some help if you qualify for benefits. Check your state government page to see what steps to take.
  • TANF. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families also provides relief to low-income families. Again, each state has its own guidelines for assistance.
  • Local food banks and charities. Look into local charities for assistance. Many local food banks and shelters are providing an increased amount of aid during the pandemic.
  • Chris O'Shea

    Chris O'Shea