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How to sell your clutter

Ever feel like your house could use something more than a spring cleaning? Perhaps you have so many “things” a spring cleaning won’t do the trick. You need something more like a spring evacuation. Well, if you’re going to get rid of that clutter, you might as well make some money while you’re at it. Try these sites to sell your stuff.


You likely buy many things from Amazon, so why not sell some things on there, too? Amazon makes the selling process easy, even providing an estimate for how much you’ll get for each item. Amazon charges depend on how/what you sell. As US News reports, if you sell things directly to buyers, Amazon charges a 99 cent fee and a “referral fee,” which is a percentage of each sale. Referral fees can range from 6 percent for computers to a whopping 45 percent for Amazon device accessories.


Gazelle is one of the best options for selling personal electronics. You likely have an old phone or computer sitting around, so head to this site and get started. First you’ll have to answer some basic questions about the product, then Gazelle will offer you a quote. If it looks like a good deal to you, the rest is easy. Gazelle pays shipping fees and even wipes the phone for you so none of your info can be stolen.


Decluttr is an app that specializes in selling household gear, and other stuff. Download the app, scan the items and get a quote. What makes Decluttr so great is it takes basically everything. Parents: Legos sell for $1 a pound. Get to packing them up! The company will also pay shipping fees and send you your cash the day after the items are delivered to the buyer.

Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea