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Pleasing to The Eye

How visual reminders can help you reach a financial goal

Having trouble reaching a financial goal? Maybe if you see it, you’ll attain it. Visual cues are a great way to help remind yourself of the things that you want to accomplish. Here are some various ways to set up those visual reminders.

Wrap It Up

As Us News reports, one way to visually remind yourself of your goals is to physically cover your credit and debit cards. Let’s say you’re trying to save enough to go on a dream vacation or to buy a new car. Print several pictures of the tropical island (or that shiny new vehicle), fold the paper and staple or tape it to create a pouch. Then slip every credit card and debit card you have into one of these pouches until you’ve reached your goal. This way, every time you go to use your cards, you’ll think of the vacation and perhaps re-evaluate the purchase.

Canvas Your Life

Much like covering your credit and debit cards with visual reminders of your savings goal, you should place pictures of your goal everywhere you can. That means every time you go to the bathroom at your home, you see a photo of that new car. Every time you sit down in your office, there’s that beach and ocean. The key is to hang as many pictures of the financial goal as possible. The constant reminders will keep you focused.

Crunch The Numbers

Create some charts and graphs that track your savings journey. Make sure the graph includes your starting point, as well as the benchmarks or milestones you attain along the way, so you can visually be reminded of how far you’ve come. Just like the other pictures, place this chart somewhere you’ll see it often, like the kitchen. Charting your progress will help you attain your goal through the power of positive reinforcement. Every day, you’ll see how great you’re doing.

Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea