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It’s Time to Try Frugal February

Use the second month of the year to tighten up your finances

February can be a rough month. Winter is no longer novel, the kids are sick and there seems to be no end in sight. Those are just a few reasons to try something called a “Frugal February.” Instead of dwelling on the negative sides of February, try thinking of the second month of the year as a good time to reset your budget and finances.

As The New York Times reports, the idea of Frugal February is to essentially use the month to revise your finances and rein in spending. It’s the perfect month for this as it comes right after the holidays, which can often be fraught with overspending. It’s also the shortest month of the year, so whatever cutting back you do doesn’t seem to last too long.

Not sure where to start your Frugal February? Try looking over your budget and reducing any non-essential spending. Cut out unused subscription services and try calling your cable and/or phone company to see what deals they can offer you. Once you have your budget tightened up, check out your credit card situation. If you have good credit but are struggling to dig out of some debt, it might make sense to transfer that debt to a zero-rate card. The key is to find a credit card with low or zero transfer fees and a long zero-rate into offer (at least a year). If you can pay the debt off during that zero-rate period, go through with the transfer. Finally, if you have an employer matched 401(k), make sure you’re maxing it out.

These moves will help get your finances back on track. Before you know it, Frugal February will be over. Money-saving March, anyone?

Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea