Relief Packages

Some types of credit card relief you can recieve

Some credit card issuers are giving customers a break because of the coronavirus. However, you’ll likely have to do some work to get your share of these benefits. Call your credit card company and inquire about coronavirus discounts and related perks. Here’s a look at some of the different types of relief you can recieve.

Skip Payments/Delayed Payments

Many credit card companies will allow customers to press “pause” on minimum payments and get late fees waived. Citi, for example, isn’t requiring any payments for the next two months. Credit card companies are also usually willing to waive late fees for a few months.

Line Boost

If you need a life line, your credit card can sometimes provide that. Call your lender and ask for a credit line increase. Sometimes they’ll even provide this without checking your credit report.

Waived Annual Fee

Now is a good time to ask about getting any annual fees waived. As Marketwatch reports, this is usually an easy type of relief to obtain, especially if you’ve been a good customer for multiple years.

Move the Date

If your monthly due date is causing financial stress, your credit card company will likely work with you to find a more suitable day. Moving a due date can help by spreading bill payments farther apart throughout the month.

Chris O'Shea

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