Too Much of Good Thing

Trying to be the best at your job has its downsides.

Too Much of Good Thing

In this economy, we understand trying to be the best at your job. Even when times are great, it's good to go above and beyond expectations. Hey, maybe those extra hours at the office will finally get you that raise you've been hoping for. At the very least, doing extra work will make you look like a valuable employee. But trying too hard to be perfect on the job can also have a downside.

As Time reports, the idea of being "super busy" at work or trying to be perfect all the time is flat out unhealthy. In fact, there's research claiming that all sorts of problems can arise simply from working too hard. "Researchers in New Zealand have found that people who work at least 50 hours a week are up to three times more likely to face alcohol problems," explains Time. "The American Journal of Epidemiology reported on a global study showing that over-workers are between 40 and 80 percent more likely to suffer heart disease than others."

The key here is that old cliche: Work smarter, not harder. If you're drafting an email, don't sit there and go over it for an hour, just to make sure it's good to go. Write it, revise it, and then send it. There is no sense in making yourself crazy just to prove to others that you're dedicated to the job.

This lesson can also be applied to your finances. Don't stress yourself out trying to be perfect. Unexpected events will happen — it's called life! — so just be ready to deal with them when they occur. Then, after you have dealt with it, move on. No one has a perfect budget or a perfect investment plan, so don't waste any time trying to make one for yourself.

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