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What you should be buying in October

Spooky Sales

Each new month brings a new list of great buys – and October is no exception. Holiday deals have yet to trickle in in most stores – though tinsel and Christmas lights are ready and waiting on shelves – but that doesn't mean you can't get a bargain right now. Here, the best things to buy in October – and a few things you should skip if you're out for the best deal (who isn't?).

  • Buy jeans. Just in time to wear them, they're still on sale this month, a holdover from last month's back to school sales. Those sales boosted retailers – retail sales jumped 3.6% in August – but there is still some stock left over that they're trying to push out the door with slashed prices.
  • Stock up on summer items. Now's the time to buy your peep-toe shoes and sandals. Not your style? Anything else with a summer feel is likely to be on sale right now as well, including air conditioning units, garden supplies – that means tools and plants – and light summer jackets.
  • Shop for a new car. October is a good month to get a discount here, because new models have just been released and dealers are trying to push the old stock out the door. Bonus tip: Shop at the end of the month, when salespeople are trying to meet a quota, for even more leverage.
  • Hold off on winter coats, scarves and gloves. It's getting cold out there, but last year's wardrobe will have to do for now. That's because the biggest discounts on cold weather gear won't come until January, according to dealnews.com. “If you can't wait until after the New Year, you should at least try holding out until November for the best deals,” writes Lindsay Sakraida, the site's Features Director. Black Friday will probably get you a handful of coupons you can use to cheap out on a new winter coat.
  • Skip tools. Tools are a big holiday ticket, and the best prices are had towards the end of November and into December. If you buy now, you may regret it when you happen upon lower prices later. If that project can wait, sit on your hands until prices drop next month.

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