Cheaper, Yes, But The Same Quality?

Are generic batteries just as good as brand name ones?

Cheaper, Yes, But The Same Quality?

We all have battery-powered devices, and so we all have at one point or another faced two important questions: Why won’t this stupid thing work and are generic batteries just as good as brand name ones? The latter (and maybe the former) has plagued mankind for decades. Now, thankfully, a physicist has decided to tackle the problem.

Much like most of the world, Rhett Allain, an associate professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, had taken the typical route of buying the cheapest batteries. When he decided to see which ones were better, he conducted several complicated tests that only a professor could truly understand for Wired magazine. He tested an Energizer and a Duracell battery against a generic battery purchased from a Dollar Store.

What he found was the brand name batteries had more energy and lasted longer, but the generic battery was so much cheaper that it still makes sense to purchase them over an Energizer or Duracell. So, question solved! However, keep in mind that the brand name batteries are actually better, so if you happen upon a sale, buy in bulk.

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