All Hail Amazon.com, The King of Retailers

Amazon continues to top all sorts of consumer surveys.

All Hail Amazon.com, The King of Retailers

According to a new survey, Amazon.com continues to set the standard for online retailers. The annual ForSee E-Retail Satisfaction Index issues awards for a variety of categories, all based on scores for a company's "functionality, merchandise, content, and price." The scores range from 0 to 100, and Amazon beat out everyone, grabbing a score of 89 in the Mass Merchants category. That's three points higher than last year, and a record for the Index.

As Time notes, this isn't the only survey in which Amazon has come out on top. Two other reports — one released last June and one released in February — show that customers rate the online retailer as the best in terms of customer satisfaction, even when it's pitted against physical stores. Amazon's dominance is an indication of the digital trend that is impacting every industry. "More chain retailers are coming to the realization that they don't need to expand their store count or operate as many locations as they once did because more of their business is becoming web-based," Will Ander, a senior partner with a retail consulting firm told Internet Retailer, a trade publication.

It's also impressive that Amazon has been able to grab these ratings despite recent reports of subpar working conditions for its warehouse workers. For consumers, the ease of purchase and the quick shipping must make Amazon too good to pass up. Even when online shopping can lead to problems.

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