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About Us

At SavvyMoney we believe it pays to be savvy!

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your financial future with easy to understand actionable advice about your credit.

We start by giving you free ongoing access to your credit score, explain the factors that impact it, and recommend actions that might strengthen it.

Next, we do the math to show you how much you will save versus what you are paying today. We do this by monitoring your credit score in conjunction with fluctuating interest rates.

Improving on the rates you pay for credit today will have a huge impact on your ability to invest in the future.

Finally, we provide you with easy to understand financial advice along the way. All with the goal to help you save up, spend savvy and borrow even savvier.

The SavvyMoney Team.

The SavvyMoney Team
JB Orecchia

JB Orecchia President and CEO

JB Orecchia has more than 25 years' experience in consumer finance and interactive media and brings unique insights into how consumers make financial decisions. As one of the early executives at / Experian Consumer Services from 1998 to 2008, JB led initiatives to build awareness and distribution of online consumer credit reports and scores. As the EVP of Partnership Marketing, he led the team responsible for business development and online marketing with Yahoo!, American Express, MSN, AOL and Quicken. Before joining Experian in 1998, JB spent 10 years at Household International in various senior roles leading teams responsible for consumer lending and loyalty programs.

Before joining SavvyMoney in 2011, JB was Vice President of Marketing for Disney Online where he was responsible for online marketing, CRM, research and analytics.

JB's SavvyMoney Tip: Make sure you're not penny-wise and pound-foolish. Focus your energy on reining in your biggest expenses rather than worrying about the occasional Latte from Starbucks.

Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky Director of Education, Editor in Chief

Jean Chatzky is a personal finance expert and best-selling author. She is a contributing editor for Men's Health and USA Weekend magazines and a columnist for The New York Daily News. Jean is the author of seven books, including her latest New York Times' bestseller Money 911 and her first book for teens, Not Your Parents Money Book. Her book Pay It Down was the basis for The Debt Diet on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Jean has been recognized as an exceptional journalist. She received the Clarion Award for magazine columns from the Association of Woman in Communications, her radio show received a Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media and her book The Difference received a Books for a Better Life award. She has been nominated twice for National Magazine Awards and was named one of the country's best magazine columnists by the Chicago Tribune. In addition to her professional work, Jean serves on the board of directors of the National Foundation for Consumer Credit and the Children's Heart Foundation. She is also a member of the Trustees' Council of Penn Women for the University of Pennsylvania.

Jean's money philosophy is simple: earn a decent living, spend less than you make, save & invest, and protect the financial world you live in. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Bhavna Guglani

Bhavna Guglani Vice President, Product Management

Bhavna has over 12 years' experience in the Consumer Finance industry, bringing a broad skill-set in customer insight, analytics and product management. In her current role, Bhavna leads the team responsible for new product roll outs, insights & analytics, and product operations.

Prior to SavvyMoney, Bhavna was recognized as one of the top employees of HSBC Card Services Group where she launched a website for their credit score product and developed online distribution strategies for credit card portfolios. Before HSBC, Bhavna held diverse roles in Consumer Finance industry across India and the UK. She has an MBA from INSEAD, France.

Bhavna's frugality tip is that it never hurts to ask for a discount. She's found that saying 'how can you help me get a better offer' not only gets her more for her money but keeps the sales person from giving her any unnecessary add-ons!